4th CRISM conference

Cosmic Rays and the InterStellar Medium

25 - 29 June 2018
Grenoble (France)


Last call for abstracts

Registration for the 4th CRISM workshop (25-29 June 2018 - Grenoble, France) is still open, but deadlines are coming fast!
Visit the CRISM website for all the details

Preliminary agenda is online:
- 5 review and 5 highlight talks
- ~30 contributed talks to be filled (submit abstracts!)
- 3 poster sessions (no limitation so far)

Note that some support is available for Junior scientists.

For questions, contact us.

Call for abstracts!

Registration is now open for the 4th CRISM workshop (Cosmic Rays and the InterStellar Medium)
25-29 June 2018 - Grenoble (France)

For questions, write here.

Invited speakers
P. Blasi (GSSI, L'aquila, Italy)
D. Caprioli (university of Chicago, USA)
A. Cummings (Caltech, USA)
L. Derome (LPSC, France)
G. Dubner (IAFE, Argentina)
E. Hays (Nasa GSFC, USA)
M. Haverkorn (Radboud university, The Netherlands)
N. Indriolo (John Hopkins university, USA)
P. Mertsch (RWTH, Aachen university, Germany)
M. Padovani (Arcetri observatory, Italy)
C. Pfrommer (Heidelberger Institut fur Theoretische Studien, Germany)
O. Reimer (Innsbruck University, Austria)
A. Shukurov (Newcastle University, UK)

The 4th CRISM workshop (Cosmic Rays and the InterStellar Medium) will be held in Grenoble, 25-29 June 2018.

Registrations will open 5 Feb. 2018.

For questions, write here.

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